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Sweet Spice Sacred Mark Soaps

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Natural Handcrafted 

Immerse yourself in the visual appeal of these Hand-crafted Soaps. Each bar is a canvas of creativity, featuring artful designs that not only please the eye but also make for a thoughtful and elegant gift. These 100% natural handmade soaps provide employment to women in Bangladesh who escaped sex trafficking. Set of two bars comes in 5"l recycled sari bag; fabrics vary. Scents include Orange Honey Cinnamon & Vanilla Chai. Each bar 3.5 oz.

Sustainable Soaps

Each bar is infused with the finest organic ingredients, carefully chosen for their nourishing and skin-loving properties. Explore this collection and immerse yourself in the gentle, natural, and artisanal beauty of skincare crafted with passion and care.



Orange Honey Cinnamon: coconut oil, soybean oil, orange oil, cinnamon oil, sunflower oil, honey, clay, cucumber extract, sodium hydroxide, water.

Vanilla Chai: coconut oil, soybean oil, cardamom oil, cinnamon oil, vanilla oil, honey, clove dust, black pepper dust, sodium hydroxide, water