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Hand Beaded Silk Yarn

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Experience the allure of our hand-beaded silk yarn, where the delicacy of lace-weight silk yarn meets the charm of dainty beads. Crafted for those with a true passion for yarn, this luxurious fiber is a coveted addition to any collection.

Working with our beaded silk yarn is a sheer delight. It's light, and supple, and boasts an exquisite palette of colors that will ignite your creativity. The subtle bead embellishments add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your creations.

The silk yarn elevates even the simplest materials, making your projects truly exceptional. Explore the magic of our beaded silk yarn and elevate your crafting to a whole new level.

Product Specs

Length/Weight: 275 yards/50 grams
Weight: 1 - Fingering
Material: Reclaimed Mulberry Silk
Needle Size: 1-3
Hook Size: B-E
Gauge (knit/crochet): 6.75-8 / 5.25-8 sts per inch
Physical Quality: Soft, and Silky! (watch the video!)
How to Clean: Handwash, lay flat to dry or Dry Clean
Best for: Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Tatting - Check out our Lotus Laceweight Shawl