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Dreamscape Hair Tie

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Introducing the Dreamscape Hair Tie from Darn Good Yarn – a whimsical and eco-friendly accessory that brings magic to your hair!

Crafted with care, each Dreamscape Hair Tie features unique, hand-stitched Kantha patterns that add a pop of vibrant color to your hairstyle for any occasion.

These scrunchies come with extra fabric to make your look luxuriously long and graceful. Try it for a chic, easy, and comfortable updo! It's not just an accessory; it's a commitment to sustainability.

With their one of a kind designs, these hair tie effortlessly elevates your look, and your purchase supports talented artisans globally, making a positive impact. Transform your hair with the Dreamscape Hair Tie by Darn Good Yarn and make a style statement that matters! ✨