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Drawstring Bag 10 - Pack

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Enjoy a unique and eco-conscious solution for your gifting and everyday storage needs through our 10-pack Sari Silk Drawstring Bundle. These exquisite drawstring bags come in three sizes: Small (7x10 inches), Medium (9x14 inches), and Large (11x18 inches), providing you with versatile options for a wide range of items. Crafted from upcycled sari silk fabric, each bag in this bundle is a testament to sustainability and ethical consumption

  • Each pack contains 10 beautiful drawstring bags in the size of your choosing
  • Crafted from upcycled sari silk fabric, promoting sustainability and an eco friendly choice
  • Elevate your gift presentation with these vibrant, one-of-a-kind drawstring bags, making each gift-giving occasion extra special.
  • Beyond gifting, these versatile bags find purpose in your daily life, whether for jewelry, accessories, or as an eco-friendly and stylish carry bag.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint while adding a touch of color and texture to your everyday routine.

Make your choices count with this sustainable and recycled solution that brings color, texture, and heart to your gifting and daily life. Experience the beauty of sari silk while making a statement for the environment. Elevate your gift-giving experience and make a positive impact with every use of these versatile drawstring bags. Choose the 10-Pack Sari Silk Drawstring Bundle, and make every gift an eco-friendly, heartfelt gesture.