Terms & Conditions



By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge the following:

As a Darn Good Yarn (“DGY”) wholesale club member, you are a DGY Ambassador and your behavior reflects DGY. Failure to uphold DGY’s core values - Integrity First and Be Human & Kind - will result in permanent termination of your wholesale membership.

In order to become a wholesaler, you must provide us with a copy of your business certificate, or show proof that you own an active selling retail account with Amazon.com or Etsy.com. If we discover that you have provided falsified documents, we will permanently terminate your wholesale membership.

Darn Good Yarn (“DGY”) retains sole control of the Amazon.com and Etsy.com sales channels for all DGY products to safeguard our brand by limiting price compression, inaccurate product descriptions, counterfeit products and brand dilution.

Wholesalers are forbidden from selling Darn Good Yarn merchandise in its original form (“DGY Raw Products”) on any other online retail outlet such as Amazon.com, Etsy.com, EBay, Pinterest.com, Facebook Buy-In Groups, etc. To further clarify - yarn in its original form would be considered a DGY Raw Product. You cannot resell it unless you do so as part of a crafting kit (i.e. jewelry making, tapestry weaving, fiber arts) or if you “alter” it by dying it to another color.

Wholesalers are not allowed to sell on any of our facebook groups as a wholesale customer without our written and express consent.

Wholesalers cannot sell or advertise DGY skirts on any of DGY’s social media groups and channels such as Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Wholesalers cannot sell DGY Raw Products at a higher price than the price reflected on www.darngoodyarn.com.

Our brand has been registered with the Amazon Brand Registry​ ​and our trademarked products will be closely monitored. If we find that you have been in violation of selling our products, you will no longer be sold DGY products for any channel of business and we will pursue legal action to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please contact your sales representative, at ​wholesale@darngoodyarn.comif you have any questions or concerns. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and partnership.