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Darn Good Yarn

Upcycled Rice Bag Tote

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🌏 Introducing Upcycled Rice Bag Totes – a love story between Nepal and the world! Our upcycled totes come from an incredible journey in Nepal – each rice bag has its own colorful story to tell.

♻️ Our bags are handmade in co-ops and crafted with people and Earth-friendly materials, making them kinder to our planet. Plus, each bag is unique and incredibly sturdy – Nicole has had one for over 10 years! Each bag measures 15"x5"x15.5", and cleaning instructions are simple: spot clean as machine washing may cause colors to fade.

🌳 Shopping with us? Get more than style points when you purchase an Upcycled Rice Bag Tote – with each sale, we plant one tree AND donate to the Darn Good Fund which pays for educational and medical needs of our artisans their families. With every purchase of a Rice Bag Tote, you can do something great for the environment, garner show-stopping fashion credentials, AND help others in need around the world all at once - pretty darn good if you ask us.